2016 Convention Schedule Banner

2015 was an even bigger for me this year than last. I am getting the hang of this. New this coming year is more original art and commissions and I am working on a panel about designing the Emmy Award winning King Of The Hill. The last two years I have traveled as part of a “family” group and though I am still traveling as part of the family group, I am also available to ‘guest’ at shows on my own as well.Promoters see HERE for more info.

Are you coming to see me at a show and wish to get a commission? Depending on what you are looking for, I can do a nicer job on a commission at home before I get to a show than what I can do at a show or in my hotel room. Please consider Pre-Sale commissions for upcoming shows. Contact me HERE.

Dates added regularly as they come

Irving, Texas
Pensacola, Florida
Seattle, Washington
Anaheim, California